Product Improvement 2004:

We improve our products and change to

NEOPOR (Platinum)

The thermal conductivity of Styrofoam (EPS) is 0,035 and will be improved to 0,03 with Neopor (Platinum)

In styrofoam still available are:
  • 0001only styrofoam
  • 0601 und 0604 selectivly in styrofoam and in Platinum (0701 und 0704)
  • the floor
  • 6501 roof plate

During 2004 we still will have some products of styrofoam in stock. Please inquire.

The particular advantage of the combination of Styrofoam and Neopor:
All stones with a widt of 25 cm are still available in styrofoam
All load bearing walls can be made in styrofoam, because here the improved thermal insulation is not necessary.