Is a special concrete required?

A simple designated pumpable RC 25 concrete with a slump of S2 or S3,(70-120mm slump factor) with max. 10 mm aggregate should be specified. Ask for concrete supplied under QSRMC or BSI quality-assured schemes.

How is the concrete placed and does it need vibrating?

The pump-grade concrete is placed into the formwork by means of a pump or skip and fill the system through gravity flow. The correct pump grade concrete will flow, fill and self-compact without the need for mechanical vibration, although you may need to tamp in areas where there is dense steel work such as in basements.

How many pours are reqired per storey?

The pattern of concreting will vary from project to project, depending on circumstances and resources available. A storey height pour may be completed in one operation. Download our Lantac document you will find all the information you require in that.

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