Curved Walls

  1. They are a very interesting architectural tool.
  1. High cost to build
  2. High cost of made to measure furniture (round wardrobes and units are not readily available!)

Just beautiful

Everything goes - with Styro Stones

An example from Guernsey with 35cm Neopor

Beautiful to look at

The owner will have a great view, looking over the Channel

The Octagon: The most intelligent solution

Instead of building a curved wall, an octagonal shape can be used.

  1. If combined with top arched windows (Spanish or Morisco style), the building will still seem round and therefore the architectural design will have been achieved.
  2. The cost increase is not so high if built with angle blocks.
  1. It is not completely round!

The effect of an arch in a tower where there are "only" 4 walls.

Construction of a curved wall with "straight" Styro Stones.

One of the many methods in which it is possible to build curved walls.

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