Your system of construction

Styro Stones are big blocks(1m long and 25 cm high) which are put together like child's toys.

These blocks are hollow, resulting in a space, that can be filled with concrete.

They are made from EPS (expanded polystyrene), commonly known as styrofoam as in styrofoam cup (Neopor) and weigh only appr. 1 kg - child's play to build with it

What to expect?

Best Insulation

Neopor is a variation of styro foam (polystyrol), improved by adding graphite for a better insulation.

This effect is measured by using the Lambda-value.

Neopor is the insulation material with the best performance/price ratio.

Here you find the measured results of a home owner of a passive house in an extreme european climate,

More living space

Styro Stones are available in different widths.

The necessary hollow space for concrete is only 15 cm. All other materials (e.g. bricks, light concrete blocks etc.) are less solid and need more space to make a load bearing wall.

For a home for a family that results quickly in appr. 3%. Enough for an extra toilet.


Depending on the design 3-4 experienced workers set up one storey and pour concrete in a day.

The very next day the floor can be put.

The finishing of a shell in a week is no exception.

The picture shows the construction of a typical house in Lorraine

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