What kind of a selfbuilder or DIY person are you?

1. Are you the type to do everything on your own?

Our free online calculation program gives you a quick and accurate overview of the costs and tells you exactly which type of stones you need. Assistance is available by using our free hotline (No waiting, no music, just personal attention!)

How it was back then: Styrostone DIY people in front of the camera:
  • 1970 Harak senior - How he began?
  • 1980 The Stoll family - a master roof tiler saves energy
  • 1991 Harak's daughter - Builds with Styrostones, what else?
  • 1995 Stoll's daughter - From experience
  • 2001 Harak junior - Saves energy like his father
  • 2004 Stoll junior - IT contractor builds the intelligent way

2. You are talented in DIY, but would like some help from a Specialist?

You are aware that most cost savings are achieved when constructing the shell. However you would like our free technical assistance and training support.
CONTACT a specialist now!

"Delivered on site, load off, built up...",
was the name of a German television show (RTL) in Aug. 2003 - you may not understand the words, but the pictures will tell you the whole story.

Then take a look at this family's ENERGY CONSUMPTION

3. A beginner's guide, where do I start?

Now that you have found your plot, the first thing to consider is your overall budget.

Most domestic builds average a cost of ?800-?1200/m2 of floor area, depending on the standard of finish and the build route.

It is worth noting that 50-60% of the build costs are labour and so your outlay can be considerably reduced by building yourself with StyroStone!

Once you have your budget in mind and an idea of what you intend to build the following is a good guide to your schedule and sequence of events-

StyroStone offers free on site training and provides an after care service second to none. Your success is our best advertisement!

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