The main Economy of the Styro Stone construction method is the saving achieved by reduction of on-site labour costs through the speed of use of prefabricated parts.

A single Styro Stone represents a finished wall area of 0,250 m?, resulting in the absolute minimum on-site work load for the builder.

Based on the principle of interlocking blocks like, assembling them together becomes child's play. This removes the dependence on skilled labour. Adjusting the lengths of the stones is just as easy, requiring only a basic hand saw to cut and form them to any non-standard sizes. Individual shapes and angles, once cut, are bonded together with PVC-Foam.

To begin your Styro Stone journey is easy. Just click here to calculate how many and what type of Styro Stones you need to get a better price for your build.

The graph shows that even if you spend more money when buying/building a well insulated house (more interest and amortisation), your monthly/yearly rate is even less due to the savings in energy.

You not only save money on your monthly/yearly rate, the preservation of the value of your house will be better than on a traditional house

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