Bathrooms/Wet rooms

Styrostones are impermeable. It is possible to fix tiles directly onto the surface of the Styrostone walls without the need for first fixing plasterboard or moisture resistant boards.


Conduits for electrical or plumbing services are simply fixed either into the void prior to concrete placement or hot wire out a service track. The conduits are then fixed flush with the wall surface and held in place with either expanding foam or board adhesive.

Plaster boards

Once all services are in place , plasterboards can be fixed to the Styrostone wall surface. It is possible to fix using traditional “Dot and Dab” , Fermacell adhesive or use standard dry wall techniques. It is recommended to use a minimum of 9 mechanical fixings(dry wall screws) per board.

Brick slips

StyroStone walls can be finished externally to match any existing finish or new cladding. Brick slips are simply fixed using a suitable resin applied directly to the StyroStone surface.

Monocap - Thin coat render.

The most cost effective method to finish off a StyroStone building system is to use a monocap or Acrylic render system such as Parex. It is advised to use suitably accredited applicators when using thin coat rendering systems. Always obtain warranties. Most 10 year structural warranty providers will require a certificate of installation prior to issuing completion certificates for mortgage approval.

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