Lambda () Value

The lambda-value describes the thermal conductivity of a material. The better the conductivity, the worse the insulation.

Metal usually has a high conductivity (don't touch a hot iron!), Styrofoam has a low conductivity (you may serve hot coffee in astyrofoam cup)

Our stones are made from Neopor, a styrofoam with an improved insulation, and have the best performance/price ratio of all building materials.

Sand-lime-brick (Density 1600 g/l) 0,790
High conductivity, low insulation
Lightweight concrete (PP3-0,5) 0,140
ordinary conductivity, ordinary insulation
Neopor (Density 25g) 0,031
low conductivity, best insulation

The R-value

The R-value describes the insulation value considering the width of the material. It is obvious, that 2cm of Neopor insulate better than 1 cm.

This value acts contrary to the Lambda-value, here the higher the value, the better the insulation.

If you want to know better:

Our R-value calculator lets you calculate on your own and gives a more precise description of the above mentioned values.

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