In general

Spans up to 5 m require no additional support while pouring concrete

U-Value < 0,24 W/m²K

The system consists of pre-fabricated beams incorporating styrostone floor blocks .
Due to the fact that the beams are comparatively light (max 25 kg/lfdm) it is feasible to install them manually without the need of a crane on site . A further advantage is that beam spans of up to 5m do not require any support beneath whilst pouring,
This saves Time and money spent on stripping and erection as well as hire of acrow props.

The V-Beam System performs a similar function to a traditional beam and block system.
The V-Beam, which supports the EPS ceiling/floor (CF) block, is a reinforced mesh cast on a concrete base forming a beam.

Since the V-Beam is relatively light (max. 25 kg/lm) on site cranage is not essential. Neither is it necessary, depending on the floor loading, to support spans of less than 5 m in length, when pouring.

Furthermore this system avoids the high costs associated with erection followed by the subsequent dismantling of conventional floor shuttering.
Yet Another Saving!

The lip on the CF blocks extends below the V-Beam to prevent cold bridging.

The two small slots in the base of the CF blocks are designed for the insertion of a timber batten to facilitate the attachment of panelling or other light fixings.

All that remains is to scrim the joints between the CF blocks forming the ceiling to obtain a smooth finish suitable for a variety of applications.

How to put the beams and the floor blocks

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