The requirement of a crane is eliminated when placing this floor system

The system consists of large styrofoam blocks incorporating lightweight steel beam formers. The lightweight construction (3,84kg/m) enables easy manual placement and thus the individual units can be placed onto the supporting walls without a crane.

The blocks, when placed as per specification form a series of channels. These are the moulds for cast in situ beams. The rebar is easily inserted into these channels serving together with the concrete to act as load bearing beams. Spans up to 13m are possible.

The styrofoam blocks are available in different heights to serve the various requirements for a range of spans

The continuous circular voids through the inside of the blocks facilitate easy ducting and piping of services.

The beams are formed by spaces left in between the blocks.

Propping is only required at 2m centres for the duration of the pour and whilst the concrete is curing.

Prior to concrete placement there will be a requirement to place a mat of fabric mesh reinforcement.

U-values for the different heights. (With a special inlay system we can achieve a u-value of about 0.16)


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