The World Expo 2000 was held in Hannover.

Styro Stone did not attend.

However the global trend for Styro Stone is ONWARD and UPWARD!

At the World-Expo 2010 in Shanghai, the German Energy Center & College Shanghai (GECC) will be constructed using Styro Stones for the superstructure and thus represent our global competence in green techniques.

January, 13th: Start

The media were hugely interested in proceedings.

May. 3rd

Opening of the GECC on the site of the German Center in Shanghai.

Handing over the key to the GECC

from left
Dr. Christian Sommer, General Manger German Center Shanghai
Timo Jutzi, General Manager Styro Stone China
Dr. Albrecht von der Heyden, German Consule General in Shanghai
Johannes Freise, General Manager GECC


These pictures show the flexibility of using Styro Stones combined with a traditional cast in-situ soffit slab to form the first floor. The StyroStones used here provide a 200mm concrete core with an overall dimension of 300mm.

Development of the whole area

Sorry, the text on this click is, as yet only in German, however the pictures speak an international language

Wall and Floor - One Pour

Showing the StyroStone walls tying into the soffit slab and being poured as a monocoque construction. Ideal for robustness and airtightness!

Walls and floor ready

Showing the StyroStone walls and first floor complete and ready for the next phase of construction. StyroStone ONWARDS and UPWARDS!

Partners of GECC