The house built in the 1930's style is south facing.
Solar panels for warm water and electricity provide for the necessary additional energy.

Better than a passive house

The term a "passive house" determines that the building is expected to need almost no energy at all. With Styro Stone it is possible to construct buildings, which even produce energy! In this case, Johannes Out, representative of Styro Stone Netherlands, built such a house in Leusden in the centre of the Netherlands.
The trend is gathering momentum here in the UK with StyroStone due to provide the shells for 7 Active Houses to be built in Molesey.

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On the 15th of March "De Telegraaf", a dutch national newspaper, described this utopia turned into reality: Your house is the generator for your car, because it does not need energy, it produces a surplus enabling you to drive your car for 5.000 km annually.

So to say: Drive with your house to work - for free!

Only one week later the dutch minister of the environment, Jacqueline Cramer, convinced herself of this technical progress - here in talks with Johannes Out, representative of Styro Stone Netherlands, discussing the advantageous way of building with Styro Stones and the easy application of brick slips.

"Toekomstwoning" means future house; almost every dutch newspaper had a "feeding frenzy" reporting about this event afterwards.

Technical details of the active house:

The ground floor slab is insulated with foam glas.

The walls are constructed with the Super-RR from Styro Stone. The u-Value of 0,14 was sufficient!

Styro Stone offers with the VIB-Stone (Variable Inuslation Breadth) an even better u-Value. Theoretically down to 0!

To optimize the energy recovery in the ventilation system, coils are laid out for 60 m at a depth of 2m.

The energy-recovery ventalation system is situated at the end of the garage, being inside the house. Here, a 1000 l tank serves for storing the energy.

The solar panels deliver 70% of the energy to keep the water tank charged, the rest is obtained by using a ground source heat pump - incorporating bore holes to access the earths naturally stored energy.

The house is air conditioned and heated using underfloor heating combined with the heat recovery ventilation system.

The house is completely electronically controled.

Instalation of first fix electrics and plumbing is made simple and inexpensive with Styro Stone.

In the Netherlands a steady wind helps to generate energy.

And this is, how you drive to work!

A comfortable car to use inside the cities, without petrol/diesel fueled engine - only an envioromently freindly electric motor!

(Complimentary car by Eneco - a dutch energy-enterprise just like Powergen)

It is charged with the surplus energy of the house.


Johannes Out does not drive to work!

Styro Stone operates from paperless offices all over the world. A sopihisticated software turns laptops into offices, wherever you are. Not driving to your office is by far, saving the most energy

A lot of other media is also reporting:

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