The advantage of Styro Stone walls

Hurricane Katrina (2005)

A picture speaking for itself

Tests in Quantico (FBI-Headquarter) showed an additional robustness against bomb attacks. Styrofoam on concrete has an additional damping effect.
(Try to stick a needle into styrofoam - easy, but try to press it with your flat hand, impossible)

Fact! Even several heavy earthquakes over 2000 years could not destroy the colosseum in Rome completly. Most damage was done by the Romans collecting construction material!

Properly reinforced concrete in Styro Stone walls provide an earthquake-proof building up to Richter scale 7. Where in the UK do you need that?

A selfbuilder demonstrates, how fast and easy it works

(Admitted, he was supported by our service-team.)

Starting with the raft foundation Fr.-Mo.,25.-27. Jan.

28. Jan.

29. Jan.

30. Jan.

31. Jan. Waiting for concrete

03. Feb. Pouring concrete

04. Feb. Tidy up