1. Precondition: Well insulated house-shell

A well insulated shell is the first precondition for energy efficiency of a new building.

The shell means the foundation, the walls, windows and exterior doors and the roof. If the basement walls are not insulated, the floor above the cellar must be insulated. The same is valid for the roof. If the roof is not insulated, then the top floor must be insulated.

Styro Stones insulate the walls on both sides. The interior insulation is very important. During the winter only warm surfaces (walls and windows) guarantee a maximum of comfort. During the summer insulation prevents solar gain on the concrete.

The Styro Stone lintel stone eliminates thermal bridges and therefore the emergence of condensation, which is very often the cause of mould.

Enjoy more space by having narrow walls and maximum insulation

Styro Stones have a concrete core, making the building more solid than with all other conventional construction materials like bricks, light concrete stones etc. To achieve this stability only 150 mm of concrete are necessary. In a typical home this easily provides an additional space for a guest-toilet.

On this concrete core the insulation is set, starting with 100 mm, the Neopor-stone with 250 mm width. Usually in the UK and Ireland the Neopor-stone with 350 mm is enough, achieving a (R-value of more than 7. Using the styrostone VIB stone any level of insulation value can be catered for.

The picture shows a construction site, where for a sensational R-value exceeding 10 was provided for using a wall width of only 450 mm.

A small comparison of insulation

Remember: The higher the R-value, the better
Technical values
wall width
Brick 24 cm 1,500 0,667
Styro Stone 25 cm 0,290 3,44
Styro Stone - Neopor 25 cm 0,260 3,84
Brick with external wall insulation 30 cm 0,320 3,125
Styro Stone - Neopor 35 cm 0,140 7.05
Light concrete 40 cm 0,163 6,134
Styro Stone - Neopor 40 cm 0,120 8,66
Styro Stone - Neopor 45 cm 0,097 10,27
Styro Stone - Neopor 50 cm 0,084 11,88

Only with Styro Stone you get

the most solid walls with a maximum space and maximum insulation