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Two-bed bungalow
Three-bed dormer
Three-bed house
house 200m2
Five-bed executive
house 280m2
What does it cost to build a House in Styro Stone 350mm Neopor with U-values of 0.14 W/m²K
StyroStones only £ 8995.07 £ 9423.60 £ 16,154 £ 19,000 £ 20,000
Volume of concrete 17.9 m³ 19.3 m³ 30 m³ 34 m³ 38 m³
* These are ball park figures
Please send us your plans for an accurate caclulation or use our free online calulation program »

Energy Efficiency

Solid homes built with Styro Stone are very energy efficient: whether well insulated homes, passive houses or even active houses

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Higly insulated exterior walls using Neopor, all surfaces of your walls remain warm and improve the comfort of your home. Ventilation systems with heat recovery improve your comfortness tremendously.

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Styro Stones are assembled like children's building blocks. Concrete is then poured into the cavity to provide a solid structure. Anyone is capable of building with Styro Stone with the assistence of our team

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Time is money

To build with Styro Stones is child's play. The walls for one storey can be set in a day, saving time and interest. The perfect insulation saves heating!

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Service - Support

From concept to completion the Styro Stone support team will be there to assist you all the way! Whether contractor or DIYer, Styro Stone provides an instructor

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How much does your house costs with Styro Stone? You can register for free in our calculation program or send us your plans for a free quote

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